Orange and yoghurt dela skin blemishes

Vitamins in orange and the many properties of yogurt are most useful for removing skin blemishes.

Orange and yoghurt dela skin blemishes

Orange and yoghurt stains skin and if is that these natural ingredients allow you to make a perfect homemade mask to eliminate skin spots that will give you the opportunity to show a smooth, smooth face with a homogeneous hue.

But remember that, in preventing the appearance of spots on the skin, you should protect your face from the sun’s rays with a cream that contains a high SPF all year.

An orange juice
Middle unsweetened plain yogurt
Steps to follow
Mix orange juice with yogurt.
Once you’ve formed a smooth paste using these two ingredients, extending the resulting mask on clean face with emphasis on areas which come stains.

Let the compound stand on the skin for half an hour.
After this time, clarified the product with lukewarm water.
Try to carry out this process at night to keep the sun damages your skin and lightening action of this homemade mask is most effective.

Orange is rich in vitamin C, a substance capable of regenerating the dermis, filling the face of light and eliminate skin blemishes.

Natural yoghurt, meanwhile, keep the skin clean and free of impurities while reduces spots because of its lightening properties.
Put this beauty tip every day in practice.

The benefits of this beauty trick home to remove stains on the skin are:
Reduces spots and leaves the face clean, soft and bright.
It is completely natural.
It is inexpensive and easy to prepare.

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